Many experiences happen every day:
visiting a wonderful spot with your loved one; during trips, on concert, in restaurant; in church, in museum; or even at home.

Tell your feelings, write your opinion, take a photo and a selfie-video!

Then lock it all in a Smart LoveLocks and send to your loved ones and friends!

Love Worldwide

Carving hearts into trees and fixing heavy padlocks to bridges as love locks are things of the past.

At most places authorities ban the placing of love locks and fine people for carving on trees.

New tourist attraction

A new kind of expression mode for tourists is required.
Let’s renew the traditional and popular tourist places with a modern attraction!

The Smart LoveLocks will attract more people because they are cheap, modern and lasting.
Furthermore, they provide a new activity for tourists' smartphone usage.

What is Smart LoveLocks?

Smart LoveLocks is an application which allows you to eternalize feelings towards somebody or something at certain places.

Feelings can be expressed in the form of a photo, text and a selfie-video, and it will be locked into
a virtual „smart” love lock.

Smart LoveLocks types

Love Lock
I Love ... Lock
I Was Here Lock
Friendship Lock
Parent-Child Lock
Anniversary Lock
Wish Lock
Solidarity Lock


The following packages can be chosen to create Smart LoveLocks:

Smart LoveLocks Points

There are SLL Points at the most frequently visited places in every country in the world
(bridges, squares, events, cafés...).

Your smartphone will indicate when you are near an SLL Point.

Point websites

Every SLL Point has its own website.

The Point introduces itself with text and photos.

Let’s find Points!

SLL Points are indicated by a structure, poster, sticker or you can find more virtual points on our map.

The structure of an SLL Point could be a new kind of meeting place and photo opportunity for tourists and visitors.

Check the Point!

Check-in is only possible near an SLL Point and no internet connection is needed.

If you have already checked in at an SLL Point, you can create Smart LoveLocks to that Point anytime and from anywhere.

Smart LoveLocks Points Worldwide:

Smart LoveStar

If someone is not close to one of these SLL Points, he or she can place a Smart LoveLocks onto the Smart LoveStar in the Great Bear constellation.


Every creator gets an email including a certificate about the love lock and specific details of its creation spot.

In the case of LoveLock dedication, the certificate will be signed by a celebrity or the mayor of a city.

Online public database

All love locks are added to the Smart LoveLocks database, which has a search function.
All the love locks are public.

The content of a LoveLock cannot be modified. Love locks can be deleted at any time.

Build a LoveChain!

With each love lock you build the longest LoveChain around the world.
Each Smart LoveLocks makes the LoveChain 10 meters longer (33 ft).

Let’s embrace the world (40,000,000 m / 131,234,000 ft circumference) with a LoveChain out of Smart LoveLocks.

Celebrity’s LoveChain

International and national celebrities build their own LoveChains.
Buy Smart LoveLocks and dedicate them to a celebrity!