What is a Smart LoveLocks Point?

To facilitate donation and creation of Smart LoveLocks at as many points on Earth as possible.

Total Smart LoveLocks Points:

Two types of Smart LoveLocks Points are offered to join:
Real and Virtual.

A geographical point (determined by GPS coordinates), where you can find a Smart LoveLocks structure, sign, poster or sticker.

A geographical point (determined by GPS coordinates), only shown on SLL maps.

Only those can create Smart LoveLocks at Real and Virtual Smart LoveLocks Points with actual geographical locations who are in fact staying nearby that point.
(Credibility is secured by GPS coordinates.)

So, at the Eiffel Tower in Paris the only ones who can create Smart LoveLocks are those who stay within 500 meters (1.600 ft) of the Smart LoveLocks structure with their cell phones.

Those who do not have a Smart LoveLocks Point nearby, also have the chance to create Smart LoveLocks.

There is one more Smart LoveLocks Point in space where participants can place their Smart LoveLocks, this is the Smart LoveStar.